Rochelle Jordan Feat. Jon Connor – “Sing”

07.28.11 6 years ago

When we first met Rochelle Jordan in May, her intentions were to release the N.E.R.D.-inspired In Search Of… Generating a respectable buzz around her name and late night meetings with her team, however, resulted in a change of plans. R O J O’s up first on the agenda and Jon Connor’s helping usher the steps towards its liberation.

Their duet “Sing” finds the two artists from two completely different upbringings sounding as if they grew up down the street from one another. The track serves as a compliment to both Jordan and Connor. For Rojo, it ranks as her first Hip-Hop collaboration (from what we’ve seen thus far, at least) and for her rapping counterpart, he shifts gears for a minute; something Beware has been preaching for some time now. All in all, there’s only a certain number of ways to say “Sing” is a quality addition to your iTunes, so the rest is up to you. Last but not least though, continue to keep Miss Jordan on your radar. I’ll say that however many times it takes drive the point home.

Rochelle Jordan Feat. Jon Connor – “Sing” (Prod. By Klash)

Bonus: Speaking of In Search Of…, who knows when we’ll ever see that project. Just know this track was intended to make the final cut.

Rochelle Jordan – “Revolution” (Prod. By Klash)

Respect: 2DB

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