SBTRKT Feat. Drake and Little Dragon – “Wildfire (Remix)”

05.20.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Upon doing some research into who the hell got Drake to orchestrate his second new track in 24 hours, I found out that SBTRKT is a London-based producer who dons a mask for every performance. That said, I figure one of three things is going on here. Either A.) The generically-necessary dubstep-esque beat was too hard for Drake to pass up. B.) The always waning rap crooner liked the mask idea so much he just did the song to meet the guy. Or C.) Drizzy just simply is SBTRKT, using the mask as a way to tap into other genres.

Whatever glue got this to stick, it works and works well. Next step? Someone call E-40, because he’d sound perfect in the mix on this slumper. Uhhhh!

SBTRKT Feat. Drake and Little Dragon – “Wildfire”

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