Shawn Chrystopher – “H-Town”

03.25.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Everyone is getting Trill these days. So Trill, actually, that I’m capitalizing Trill. Either way, Shawn Chrystopher is the latest to screw up his tunes with “H-Town,” a spacey case of another rapper contrasting fast flows with slow-mo vocals and shouting out the Lone Star state. If it weren’t for the Honor Roll MC’s knack for conceptualizing his rhymes so vividly though, we might call this unoriginal. However, when Shawn’s spitting stanzas like “I’m a born leader, MLK in a wife-beater and white sneakers, scaring white people ’cause I walk around and I light reefer,” there isn’t much to say, other than ‘damn.’

We’re not quite sure if this is guaranteed a slot on My Name Is Shawn or not, but there’s definitely an audience that will find a spot for this trippy stick, no matter where it ends up.

Shawn Chrystopher – “H-Town” (Prod. By Zaire Koalo)

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