Skillz – “2010 Rap Up”

01.02.11 7 years ago 14 Comments

Skillz’s album may have left something to be desired, but that is not to say his efforts are not appreciated in other avenues. The brother can rap, there’s no questioning that and Steven Hill already guaranteed him a spot in the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher. However, it’s his now trademark year end “Rap Up’s” which have become his true calling card.

In a little over five minutes, Virginia’s finest musical documentarian recaps the year which brought us painful realities like the earthquake in Haiti and BP Oil Spill and other painful realities like Montana Fishburne’s cigarette ashtray of an ass. If you’re like me, a few of the topics mentioned will leave the “that happened last year?” look on your face so be prepared to Google. Enjoy the song for what it is though – entertainment – and go on about your day.

See you in roughly 363 days for the next installment.


Skillz – “2010 Rap Up”

Here’s a novel idea: Skillz is actually going to try to sell his music, pushing the track on iTunes. We wholeheartedly respect the hustle, so use those gift cards your auntie mailed you the day after Christmas. It’s only 99 cents for crying out loud.

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