SL Jones x DJ Burn One Feat. Rittz & Ebony Love – “M.D.M.A.”

05.21.12 6 years ago

The closer Paraphernalia comes to its May 23rd release date, the stronger it’s shaping up to be. Anybody who’s familiar with the respective discographies of both Jonesy and Burn already knows their individual capabilities, and when they come together on wax the finished product is much greater the sum of its parts. With the tape hitting e-streets on Wednesday, the latest preview, “M.D.M.A.” is a very accurate foreshadowing of what’s to come.

From the ground up, “M.D.M.A.” is going to end up being one of the best records from the project. Burn One starts off building the foundation with a chilling, eerie-sounding beat, setting the mood perfectly for SL Jones to twist together brooding tales of his two most prominent vices – drugs and money. It’s already a great track by the time Rittz hops up to close it out, but just for good measure, he drops a spectacular double-time narration about a particularly indulgent night of his own. I’m sure we’ve all related at some point or another.

My best advice is not to sleep on Paraphernalia. Anybody who’s been vocally dissatisfied with the quality of music thus far this year, you have the right to suspend all complaining until you listen to SL Jones and DJ Burn One’s project in full. Best be an early adopter and not the guy who jumps on the bandwagon when it becomes cool. And hey, the sooner you hear it, the longer you can listen it for. May 23rd, clear your calendars.

SL Jones x DJ Burn One Feat. Rittz & Ebony Love – “M.D.M.A.”

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