Slaughterhouse – “Weight Scale”

07.26.12 6 years ago 16 Comments

Until their Shady Records debut actually drops (and, in all likelihood, even then), a Slaughterhouse release will fall miles away from the mainstream’s attention. The hardcore foursome is still out there, though, prepping for an upcoming Gangsta Grillz. To pique interest, we’ve been treated to “Weight Scale,” a typically braggadocios party cut laid over Nas’s “Nasty” beat.

The song may garner much more attention than a throwaway Slaughterhouse rapfest is generally allotted, though, thanks to one Joe Budden. During the song’s fourth verse (around the 4:10 mark), Mr. “I Hate Pump It Up Though It’s My Only Hit” rattles off: “Far from innocent, ya favorite rapper got a head nod/before he approaches check my temperament/I went sleepy hollow shit and got a CAT scan/go to Colorado right now and watch Batman.”

No matter what Budden meant with his sloppy punchline, referencing the murders is, according to Bun B, bush league. Bun sent this tweet out on the 21st as a PSA to struggle rappers worldwide: “Rappers: Please don’t reference the tragedy in Aurora in ya fake gangster songs. That’s considered hoe shit. The OG has spoken. Carry on.”

Nothing more to say than that. If Bun says it, it’s law. At least you can listen to the other three MCs before skipping ahead if you feel offended.

Slaughterhouse – “Weight Scale”

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