Slim The Mobster – “F*ck You”

09.18.11 6 years ago

Photo: Travis Shinn

For every Snoop Dogg, there’s a Hittman. For every Eminem, there’s a Stat Quo. Dr. Dre has a track record of working with talented emcees and either making them megastars or leaving them on the shelf until their expiration date passes. Slim The Mobster is next, but “next” what exactly? Will he go on to worldwide acclaim, or fade into obscurity?

Based on his latest release, he doesn’t much care what you or I think. “F**k You” is the declaration of a man who has seen too much and worked too hard to listen to detractors and so-called friends. Sixteen bars or two words, the sentiment is the same. Like it or lump it, Slim The Mobster does what works for him.

Slim The Mobster Feat. Feat. Yummy Bingham – “Fuck You”

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