Snoop Dogg – “Keep Going”

03.02.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

Uncle Calvin continues to live the life one of Hip-Hop’s most iconic names should. His 57th album, Doggumentary, gets released from the pound later this month – March 29 to be exact. Plus he tops a short list of rappers every person in the world probably recognizes. Not resting on those credentials, Snoop keeps the cipher going every week with his #PuffPuffPassTuesdays series and this week’s “Keep Going” is a gem.

With Terrace Martin on the boards, there wasn’t much The Dogg could do to mess this up. The smooth and relaxing cadence of the record is perfect for Snoop’s patent “lazy” flow. It’s almost comparable to Hip-Hop Jazz the way he bounces over this beat with Drew Brees-like precision and would have been a great addition to the album’s final tracklisting. Then again, maybe Snoop knows something the rest of us don’t since these tracks are considered “warm-ups.”

Quick question though: Did Terrace ever drop The Sex EP? Or did I just completely overlook it?


Snoop Dogg – “Keep Going” (Prod. By Terrace Martin)

Let’s kill two birds with one stone while we’re here. Way back in the early ’90s, Snoop gave the Hip-Hop generation one of its timeless phrases with “we don’t love these hoes.” Well, call him ignorant, call him derogatory, but definitely call him consistent. Here he is in 2011 with the visual to “I Don’t Need No B*tch” with Devin The Dude and Kobe Honeycutt.

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