Soulja Boy Feat. Game – “Too Faded”

01.24.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

Man, I swear Game dissed Soujla Boy at some point in his career, but I guess rap memories are fleeting. Either that or Jayceon has released too many diss records to keep track of. All bullsh*t aside, the first minute of this song is excellent. The beat goes way hard (pause) and Game’s still riding the momentum of R.E.D. Album because his flow is on point all the way through his verse. And then Mr. SB comes and…well…does it really need to be said at this point? Just know that after the first sixty seconds it’s every man for himself.

Dirk DiggahoE, do your thing homie.

Soulja Boy Feat. Game – “Too Faded” (Prod. By XavBeatz)

Cred: KC, K.

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