Spree Wilson Feat. Esthero – “Don’t Pass Me By”

01.27.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

While I sit and watch this snow descend from the heavens, I’m at peace. No, that’s not some deep statement that will lead to a multi-faceted dissertation, but I really am cool for the moment. It’s not like I can go anywhere now with Mother Nature having her way outside, but the music gods did see fit to place a beautiful track in my possession. Spree Wilson and Esthero’s “Don’t Pass Me By” sounds like a record more suitable for a spring day laying on the ground gazing to the sky contemplating life and all its obstacles; if that’s your sort of thing.

As a matter of fact, I wish my life was a movie so I could operate in slow motion to it when I’m running to catch a bus or sitting on the Metro. It’s musical therapy geared for that long day at work or school. It’s that escape from Hip-Hop’s dog-eat-dog reality. It’s good music and I’m sure Kanye had not the first thing to do with the track. More importantly, it is almost as if Spree and Esthero’s – who receives co-producer credit along with Hot Sugar – angelic vocals could and should carry on forever.

I thank the man above for my friend Sophia putting me on to Esthero awhile back. I haven’t been disappointed yet.


Spree Wilson Feat. Esthero – “Don’t Pass Me By”

Respect: OS

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