Game – “Infared” (Prod. By Cool & Dre)

07.28.11 6 years ago 12 Comments

New music from Game minus copious amounts of namedrops but with just enough Cool & Dre production to make it interesting. His voice sounds good but the lyrical content always seem to lack direction when Jayceon’s not focused on a target. Instead of an unstructured, AAU-style of lyrical offense and rapping to be rapping, he would benefit if he had a rap coach to call the plays and point him in the right direction, just like MJ & Kobe each needed Phil.

Game can’t get back in the Aftermath fold but he needs a somebody. Regardless of it all, he’s talented enough not to be written off just yet since the guy’s voice is still the same commanding one that requires attention and not many can string words together quite as well.

Don’t trip. Game assures that “I’ma keep name droppin’ as long as my name poppin'” so that means we’ll be back to the regularly scheduled program soon. You didn’t expect a leopard to change his stripes that quick and easy, did you?

The Game – “Infared” (Prod. By Cool & Dre)

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