Tony Williams Feat. Kanye West – “Another You”

02.14.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

New Kanye doesn’t come along very often, so consider these two fresh verses on his homie Tony Williams’ sultry, new single a treat. What’s even better, Yeezy’s bars on “Another You” almost sound like a throwback to the good ol’ College Dropout days. Maybe it’s because of how he’s complimented by Bink’s tender organ & guitar combo. Or, possibly that his subject matter isn’t so heavy. But, more than likely, it’s probably just that the formula West shares with his World Famous first cousin dates back to the time when they were still both green together, coming up on the scene and making the only music they knew how. More specifically, tunes that are soulful, yet contrastingly ostentatious, just like this.

If you’ve played out your copy of Tony’s Some Of My Best Rappers Are Friends mixtape already and are now as curious as we are about his actual album, King Or The Fool, head over to to stream the debut and then buy it on iTunes. Whether you realize it or not, you’ve been jamming to dude’s music for like 10 years, so you kind of owe him.

Tony Williams Feat. Kanye West – “Another You” (Prod. By Bink!)

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