Trademark Da Skydiver & Young Roddy – “What If”

03.03.11 7 years ago

Instead of lurid tales of the good life, Trademark Da Skydiver and Young Roddy step away from the glitz and glamor on “What If.” While the familiar refrain of “Lames catch feelings, we catch flights” opens the track, their verses do not espouse the globe-trotting escapades that often come from those that live the Jet life. Instead, a quiet, meditative beat with a thumping knock sets the stage for reflections from each emcee, as both men detail their drive for something greater. The pitfalls of life lie hidden around every corner, but despite those ever-present ills, they’re going to keep the good times going as long as they can. Trademark aptly puts it like this: “Only get one chance to live it up, so when I die they’ll remember what I did.”

It’s the truth and a glimpse of the underlying motive that drives him and the rest of the Jet camp. Behind the tales of weed jars and fast cars, young men fight to leave a lasting mark on the world around them.


Trademark Da Skydiver & Young Roddy – “What If”

Jets Fool via 2DBz

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