Trae Tha Truth – “R.I.P. Clip”

12.14.11 6 years ago

Death is undoubtedly a part of life but it’s also that part we don’t want to live until it’s staring us in the face. One of Houston’s many mayors in Trae Tha Muthaf—- Truth lost his ace boon koon; man 50 grand in Clip-D to senseless violence. Even through the pain with facing the reality of the situation, he’s penned him a memoir to play on a heavenly iPod.

The beat should sound familiar as Chase N. Cashe’s painstaking piano loop that he sold to Drake on Take Care. Ever the visionary, Trae allows us relive the chilling moments from when he found out the bad news and his actions that followed.

It’s always good to know you have friends, even past the end. Let us pray.

Trae Tha Truth – “R.I.P. Clip”

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