Twista Feat. Tia London – “Ain’t Too Young Now”

05.08.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

Um…some of you might think this one’s weird. But, before you go throwing the book at Twista, just know that he’s talking about a girl at least older than 20 on this new track from his upcoming Dark Horse LP, “Ain’t Too Young Now.” Caressing the padded luxuriousness of Legendary Traxster’s smooth beat, the Windy City staple dedicates this one to the around the way girl who was always too juvenile to kick it with the crew, but has now grown up and become the apple of his eye. Sure, the whole scenario might seem odd off rip, but when you think about it, Twist’s been in the game for almost two decades, so it’s safe to assume he’s been turning down K-Town shorties for years and at least a few of them had to stand the test of time.

Still, despite the overall quality of the song, you may want to watch who you play this in front of. Your creep meter inevitably goes through the roof if you get caught banging this by the local junior high.

Twista Feat. Tia London – “Ain’t Too Young Now” (Prod. by The Legendary Traxster)

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