Tyler, The Creator – “Tron Cat” x Goblin Album Snippets

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“Plan on either dying from suicide or my asthma, And being the only bastard buried in a box logo casket”

Odd Future’s everywhere, as depicted in the picture above. As unavoidable as their presence is I still contend they’re worth watching. Maybe not deserving of the huge preoccupation and pats on the back as most have given them but that’s the way the ball bounces. A few days ago, a friend of respected opinion and I were conversing. “I ride for them with an asterisk” was a phrase he shared with me and I agree. My listening involves taking a buffet-style approach to their music and retaining the joints I like and discarding the others. Like it or not, Tyler and friends’ musical chops are developing but evident. Don’t believe? Did you catch how other cats did their own renditions of “Yonkers”?

In advance of Goblin’s release, new Tyler found its way to the internuts on Friday. “Tron Cat” presents more gore and more shadowy sounds, a little less nod factor than the previously released “Yonkers.” Tyler’s delivery is actually sharp and the humorous, horrific lines regarding rape and his dad’s d*ck, well…remember when Biggie rapped about similar topics on Ready To Die? and nobody batted an eye? Same here. Mere expressions meant to bring listeners into the mind of a kid who spends more time with his therapist than the club.

Largely by their own doing, OFW employ a devil-may-care aesthetic – unlike others – because they’ve shunned offers from the likes of Puff and others, determined to retain 100% creative control with no other cooks entering the kitchen pushing them to promote “cheesy hooks or fluorescent liquor product placements,” according to manager Chris Clancy’s words to YN. Tyler expressed similar sentiments a few weeks ago in a LA Times profile of the group.

“I always wanted to sign to Interscope when I was a kid because it was the label of Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. I want a boat. I want a Grammy,” Tyler said. “But I’d never sign a deal without 100% creative control. You lose a lot when you sign with the major labels. I’d rather be broke than have to rap over the same chord progressions as everyone else.” [LAT]

Money will most likely rear its infamous head into the mix further down the line, as many artists before started their journey with similar sentiments. As well, the same friend from above mentioned “too many U-Gods” and not enough standouts in the collective and Tyler’s getting the majority of the attention, a potential bubbling cauldron for a young group of friends whose mettle hasn’t been tested yet. For now, OFW intends to make the music they deem acceptable.

Tyler, The Creator – “Tron Cat”

Part of a one-off deal with XL Recordings, Goblin hits retailers on May 10th and Amazon’s provided the customary album preview, sharing snippets of the LP’s Deluxe Edition. Pre-order the album there or on iTunes. Semtex bundled the tracks into a nice, clean Soundcloud player, which can be found below.

Tyler, The Creator – Goblin (Album Snippets)

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