Voli – “Fade Away”

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Mistakes and college are synonymous with one another partly due to the fact teenagers are transitioning into adults and maturity varies from person to person. That and there’s a boatload of alcohol at every corner. The bonds formed last forever regardless whether it’s realized at the moment and not every bond is a positive one. Voli’s “Fade Away” examines the exact subject.

“Fade Away” is a song about the dynamic between two college friends who decide to take it further, never considering the results of those actions. More than that, its a metaphor for the moments in our lives that our lives that can either alter our futures or simply fade into memory, depending on the choices we make. Aliah Sheffield on the piano and Gavidia on the guitars help to bring that dynamic to life. Enjoy.

This song comes with a strong recommendation to everyone currently in school. Take five minutes out of the day and listen to Voli’s sermon. Undergrad does not last forever (unfortunately) and running into the person you got drunk with at a party, took home, eventually got pregnant and had an abortion with three years after graduation is not an ideal situation. It happens more often than you’d think to people you’d probably never expect.

Don’t be that guy or girl.


Voli – “Fade Away” (Prod. By Voli)

Respect: 2DB

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