Will Brennan – “Going Through It”

02.12.12 6 years ago

This life we live, it ain’t all peaches & cream, folks. When you’re looking for more than a job off Career Builder and something that might actually stimulate your senses, finding balance in our society’s currently stagnant climate can leave you in a lull. Or, even worse, settling for something your heart doesn’t desire. This mental black hole happens to be the theme of Will Brennan’s latest single, fittingly named “Going Through It.” Glossing over the muddled details of his own hang-ups atop SMKA’s vocal chops and tight drum-kit, this leak from the West Palm Beach MC’s upcoming Rite Of Passage album reinforces the fact that reality’s gut-punches are much easier to deal with when you’ve got a microphone that listens intently to every issue on your mind.

That, or when the artist you’re absorbing to is going through the motions, as well.

Will Brennan – “Going Through It” (Prod. By SMKA)

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