Will Brennan – “Hashish”

01.19.12 6 years ago

Since meeting Will Brennan at A3C, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing a good amount of the budding Palm Beach MC’s unique catalougue. But, “Hashish,” the latest single from his Rite Of Passage project, might be the best offering yet. Attacking producer Andre Gitt Brown’s reworked sample from the Bollywood movie Taal with his gas-petal flow and visual mind-frame, Willy B. fires up some of the Middle-Eastern medicine and takes listeners on a illicit trip along the southern end of the east coast. If you’re into high-octane, slightly-trippy tracks, you should definitely come along for the ride.

Bring some gas money, though, because the amenities start to add up.

Will Brennan – “Hashish” (Prod. By Andre Gitt Brown)

While we’re smoking, don’t pass on this quirky behind-the-scenes video with Will and AGB, as they detail the creative process behind the song and sample the product for good measure.

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