Willie The Kid Feat. Termanology – “No Reissue”

07.29.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

According to the description, The Crates is set to feature “original rhymes over original samples” and not beats. Willie’s bypassing the middleman and attacking some choice musical selections all on their lonesome. It’s a cool stylistic decision, one that poses a challenge to the emcee. Instead of living in his comfort zone, Willie The Kid’s decided to push himself, trying to fit his flow to the valleys and peaks of sampled tracks. And, so far, he’s been more than equal to the task.

For “Cornucopia,” the first release from the project, he tore a pop sample to shreds, deftly turning the track’s smooth groove into a lyrical showcase. For “No Reissue,” his musical backing is a bit more epic, a jazz-influenced, rocking track. But the end result is the same. Willie The Kid dances over the music, tossing off rhymes with that off-kilter flow, always keeping the listener on their toes. And, as an added bonus, Lawrence, MA’s own Termanology makes an appearance as well, earnestly spitting barbs as he follows up Willie’s rhymes.

The Crates is scheduled to drop August 2nd. As an extra, check another new one, “Yes! Michigan” featuring fellow MI-rhymer Guilty Simpson.

Willie The Kid Feat. Termanology – “No Reissue”

Willie The Kid Feat. Guilty Simpson – “Yes! Michigan”

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