XV – “Chaka Shao Khan”

12.13.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Aside from XV, what other rapper out right now could get away with combining the Queen Of Funk with a boss bad guy from Mortal Kombat? Nobody. But, that’s why Vizzy’s…Vizzy. He came out the gate playing with Star Wars figures and freezing beats in carbonite, so it should surprise no one when the Wichita kid comes up with something like, “Chaka Shao Khan.”

Featuring DJ Tech-Neek behind the boards and a perfectly-flipped sample from the “Every Woman,” this soulful landscape allows the Squarian leader to unleash ungodly amounts of ’80s baby punchlines, ranging anywhere from Rufio to Paid In Full.

If Vizzy wasn’t rapper, I have a feeling he’d be moving to Neverland.

XV – “Chaka Shao Khan” (Prod. By DJ-Tech Neek)

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