XV – “Rise”

08.13.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

After almost a year of hype, there were a few people somewhat let down by Vizzy’s Popular Culture mixtape. For me personally, the project just didn’t seem to carry the heart of it’s predecessor Zero Heroes, which is odd when you hear this new leftover, “Rise.”

Menacing and full of the emotion the Squarian leader delivers so well, this Awesome Sound-produced behemoth could have easily made the cut. Basically a behind-the-scenes look into the mind of X, the horn-heavy track speaks on disappointment and sticky label situations, making for engaging listen and one that could’ve held a prominent spot like the intro on his last effort.

But, quality is quality – no matter how it’s delivered. So, we’ll happily snatch any new hotness from the kid with the green backpack and enjoy watching as he continues to right his wrongs and learn along the way. After all, that’s the pretty much the moral of the story here, anyways.

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