YC The Cynic Feat. Homeboy Sandman & Niles – “Suicide”

02.10.11 7 years ago

While still a young man, YC The Cynic makes Hip-Hop like he’s been doing it forever. His verbal acrobatics could only have been developed through the careful study of emcees past and present, and the flair that he flips lines with is something you usually only see in veteran practitioners of the art. Nevertheless, YC continues to hone his craft.

With his verse on “Suicide,” he displays an intricate rhyme scheme and slick, clever punchlines. His guests, Homeboy Sandman and Niles, are no slouches either. Sand continues to be a breath of fresh air on any track he’s featured on. Niles goes hard with an energetic flow that contrasts nicely with the relaxed style of the other two participants. In all, yet another reason to anticipate to Fall FWD, which’ll hit the net on March 1st.

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