Dancing In The Dark

01.20.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

As dudes, there’s always been an allure to shack up with some foreign femme fatale, whose irresistible nature lies not only in her oblique, overseas demeanor, but the clairvoyant language barrier between participating parties. The two of you don’t understand a single word one another is saying, yet you don’t need to, because desire has overtaken logic. Since that high-speed train of thought is merely a spank-bank-entry for many of us poor schmucks, the same intriguing and blindly-led susceptibility can be applied to French fornication-making-outfit Yelle’s “Ce Jeu.”

A few years old and still fresher than your New Year’s Eve outfit, this audible packet of fruit snacks will literally mean absolutely nothing to most of you. But, because the Madonna-circa-1985-style-beat is quite possibly the most delectable little piece of foreign pop you’ve ever heard, finding the interpretation should be low on your personal priority list.

Putting away the computer and getting down around your living room, however, may become an increasingly intriguing option.


Yelle – “Ce Jeu”

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