Yo Gotti Feat. Young Jeezy & T.I. – “I Got Dat Sack (Remix)”

07.23.12 5 years ago 7 Comments

True story, I travelled to Virginia Beach this past weekend for a wedding. The night before the ceremony, myself and a bunch of friends partied at Mansion and got white boy wasted.* One of the songs to draw the biggest reaction out of the crowd was Yo Gotti’s “I Got Dat Sack.” The song itself doesn’t dominate FM dials or MTV Jams, yet it’s one of those records that was tailor made for the club.

Knowing that, Gotty’s country cousin snags two of rap’s most known dope boys of the past decade for the trapping anthem’s remix. Here’s to Jeezy and Tip’s appearance giving the song added life and not doing what Ma$e’s verse did for the “Slight Work (Remix).” That’d be absolutely nothing in case you were wondering.

* – You know me. I wanted to go to the strip club, but then I remember titty bars in VA suck.

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