Yukmouth Feat. J-Hood & Freddie Gibbs – “M.O.B.”

01.20.11 7 years ago 7 Comments

Ahhhh, Hip-Hop’s eternal battle cry: “Money Over Bitches” better known by its acronym “M.O.B.” Other meanings resonate from the letters, but that is usually the most accepted one. Yukmouth appropriately followed up last year’s Free At Last with The Tonite Show – Thuggin’ & Mobbin’. One of the tracks that jumped out and smacked me across the face was Yuk’s meeting of the minds with J-Hood and Freddie Gibbs.

Ever since Hood’s not so amicable split with D-Block, hearing from him has been few and far between and I had all but forgotten about the guy who had so much potential during my high school days. Freddie Gibbs? His track record is solidified by now and warrants a listen regardless if he’s recording with Yukmouth or Katy Perry. The song itself turned out rather well in what will ultimately result in just a scene from Yuk’s “made for iTunes” presentation.

Be sure to tune into by clicking here.


Yukmouth Feat. J-Hood & Freddie Gibbs – “M.O.B.”

Respect: DGB

Bonus: Mo murda, mo Gangsta Gibbs. Freddie closed out the show from the other day with a potent freestyle, presumably from The Devil’s Palace.

Trying to make a million dollars, f*ck a million downloads…

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