Eric Roberson Feat. Phonte – “Picture Perfect”

08.22.11 6 years ago

Maybe one day you’ll meet that perfect someone. Then again, maybe you won’t. Regardless, Eric Roberson and Phonte The Great will make music about the proverbial “her” in the meantime. Slated to appear on Erro’s Mr. Nice Guy dropping stateside October 11, the two tackle a topic everyone’s addressed either in serious thought or lighthearted conversation. Roberson crafts his own version of the ideal soulmate while Tay paints his own, both resulting in a beautiful contrast and prime example of how R&B and Hip Hop can compliment one another when done correctly.

The record is also an excellent audio escape for those looking to zone out and alleviate whatever the stresses of your life happen to be at the moment. And it’s probably even better if there’s that “picture perfect” someone at home representing what the two wax harmonies about.

If you like it, buy it on iTunes now.

Eric Roberson Feat. Phonte – “Picture Perfect”

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