Jose James – “Save Your Love For Me”

02.13.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

To consider myself well versed on the catalog of Jose James would be a lie and equivalent to me saying I’m ecstatic the Giants won the Super Bowl. That said, there’s always a first time for (nearly) everybody’s music and my introduction comes in the form of the 15 minute documentary-like “Save Your Love For Me.” It turns out the aforementioned number was one of those songs with the capability to press play and let it marinate in the background while handling other duties. A superb after-work song with the ability to get lost in its lyrics (James), drums (Nate Smith), bass (Solomon Dorsey), keys (Kris Bowers) and trumpet (Takuya Kuroda), “Save Your…” almost transports the listener to a dimly lit jazz lounge where regulars sip scotch straight and smoke cigars while zoning out to the music.

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