“It’s A Lifestyle” – Kanye, Aziz Ansari, Jerry Rice & The New Carmen Use Kobe VII System

01.10.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

Gotty™ already told you the new Kobe VII System is way more than a pair of shoes. But, if G-Money wasn’t convincing enough of their ability to leave you leaping tall buildings in a single bound, Nike brought a few folks you might recognize to vouch for these super-kicks, via a new, star-powered commercial testimonial.

Whether it’s Kanye’s curiosity about what comes after platinum, or Sir Richard Branson wondering what to purchase after a planet, the point here is that everyone’s looking towards what’s next and these toe-closers hold the key to those desires. They’re like fabric fortune cookies with only good answers, or the DASH diet for your brain. Hell, if you’re Aziz Ansari, these are the force field that allow you to preform stand-up in the pit of a fiery volcano.

Whatever amazing feats you might need the Kobe VII System to achieve, though, just know that any ol’ regular dirt-kickers sure aren’t going to do the trick.

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