New Orleans Saints Players Win Appeal Against NFL, Have Suspensions Lifted

09.07.12 5 years ago 14 Comments

Dear Roger Goodell,





Remember a few months ago when Roger Goodell thought he was Stalin and tried to punish the Saints with unreasonable fines and suspensions because he wants to help his case against former players suing him after their brains stop working and they die?

Well, it turns out Goodell’s punishments weren’t exactly, how do you say, “fair.” After months of appeals, the effected Saints players – including Johnathan Vilma, Scott Fujita and Will Smith – had their suspensions overturned today and are now eligible to return as soon as this Sunday. This all came down thanks to a collective bargaining appeals board that overturned Goodell’s original ruling.

While the news is still breaking, there is already talk that the Saints coaches may follow suit and begin an appeals process that gets them back on the sidelines soon.

All we really know is that Goodell’s suspensions are now officially as unjust as they originally seemed.

Now we celebrate.


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