New Orleans’ Next Potential Sheriff Wants You To Put Your Campaign Money Where The Sun Don’t Shine

01.22.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

new orleans sheriff quentin brown

“After what I seen on TV, huh, I’m surprised someone didn’t run off the street and try to get in the race…”

And with that began the first interview of landscaper and New Orleans sheriff hopeful Quentin Brown on WWLTV. Just look at his OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN PICTURE ABOVE! It’s a motherf*cking selfie of a guy in a North Face jacket and a tie.

This is one of the more hilarious campaign interviews you’ll see. Highlights:

— Raising money by having inmates put on fish fries and sell fruit.

— “I want to be your rat!”

— Those young a$$ sport coat sleeves from SUIT CITY!

— “You have no law enforcement experience?”
“I agree with that.”

— His strategy to win? “I’ll vote for myself and not vote for them”

— He also doesn’t want any campaign contributions. He paid his $225 and if you try to give him money, he’ll sodomize you with it.

This, my friends, is Internet gold.

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