So This New ‘Strider’ Game Could Be Pretty, Pretty Good

07.20.13 4 years ago 21 Comments

So news broke recently about Capcom’s Strider revamp (PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360) and I raised an eyebrow. Strider, for those not in the know, was a pretty fun and frickin’ difficult platform/action game which pushed visual boundaries in its heyday. It also held the dubious honor of having one of gaming’s the best intros while rocking some of most most awkward, hilarious cutscenes ever.

Then I found out Double Helix is developing the game and said “WTF NOOOOO.” This game and their Killer Instinct reboot are major opportunities to prove their worth. However, given their suspect track record with bland movie games, I remained worried.

Thankfully a gameplay video surfaced and curbed my skepticism. This iteration’s apparently built for speed since Strider Hiryu commits to a run at the slightest tap. Viewers may also notice the metroidvania influence in the level design which is a major departure from the series’ straight-shot stages. The game looks much easier than its previous outings but we’ll probably see how challenging it’ll be in the coming months.

Platformers are getting a nice second wind with projects like Strider and new, indie IPs. Hopefully this game will be one of the better side-scrollers of the lot when it drops next year. Double Helix better get this game right. Longtime fans will never let it leave Eurasia alive if it flops.

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