New Year, New Box For New Balance

09.02.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

I’m always a fan of companies making small aesthetic changes to rejuvenate their brand, as long as they don’t affect product costs. Come January, New Balance lovers will receive their kicks in new packaging, after the company decided to create a box more friendly for stockboys and collectors worldwide.

“This January, when millions of people around the world buy new shoes to get moving on New Year’s resolutions, retail sales associates and consumers alike will be pulling New Balance sneakers from the shelves in a new way. That is, they will literally be pulling New Balance boxes off of the shelf using a grab n’ go perforated handle. This new design feature is one of the key enhancements in an updated NB global shoe box that will hit retail for 2011. We are looking forward to the new design.

“The new modern graphics on our box create a much stronger brand presence to prospective consumers and will differentiate New Balance within self-service retail. The new label more easily conveys product information while the color-coding by category clearly communicates the type of shoe on the shelf which results in an enhanced shopping experience with our brand.”

Via New Balance Live

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