Team USA Had No Clue What New Zealand Was Doing In Pre-Game Warmups

09.02.14 3 years ago 32 Comments


Here at TSS, we hold on the country of New Zealand close to our e-hearts. Some of our most faithful readers hail from the country in the South Pacific and they’ve – in turn – helped spawn The Smoking Section into an international brand. However, our allegiances were put to the test today as our boys from ‘Murica took on the New Zealand national team in Tuesday’s FIBA matchup.

Players like Derrick Rose, Kenneth Faried and James Harden all sported various “WTF is going on?” faces as their opponents launched into a full-fledged Haka. And before any non-NZ’er asks what “Haka” is, this article from Marc Hinton should provide as a cliff notes version.

Unfortunately, the intensity Team NZ showed prior to tipoff didn’t necessarily translate over well once the ball was in play.  ‘Murica won 98-71, improving to 3-0 in FIBA play and extending Mike Krzyzewski’s international winning streak to 57 games overall.



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