Newcastle Manager Alan Pardew Probably Not Worried About CTE, Headbutts Player

03.01.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

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A few days ago, The New York Times published a story about the first reported case of CTE (otherwise known as Chronic Traumatic Encepholapathy) in a soccer player.

Former University of New Mexico player Patrick Grange reportedly suffered from the condition before he died in 2012 from complications from degenerative nervous system disease ALS. CTE had previously been thought to occur primarily in former players of more contact-heavy sports like football and boxing; although, Grange’s case might have turned peoples’ attentions to other more finesse sports like soccer. Grange’s CTE might have developed from repeated use of the head to play the soccer ball.

With that in mind, it’s uncouth to make a joke about Newcastle United head coach Alan Pardew’s headbutt of Hull City’s David Meyler from Newcastle’s 4-1 English Premier League win on Saturday. But hey, it happened, and you can watch a Vine of the incident below because it’s a man making contact with another man through the aggressive thrust of one’s head. That sort of thing warrants attention.

And here are a few different still-frame angles of Pardew’s headbutt:

Pardew was ejected for his action. In the post-game he considered it a “massive regret”; however, that probably more has to do with the action itself than any worry about his mental health.

Expect some serious punishment for Pardew from the F.A. This is his third on-field incident in the past couple of years. On opening day he shoved an assistant lineman after his team wasn’t given a throw-in.

Also, for extra kicks, watch this video of Sky Sports announcers Jeff Stelling and Paul Merson absolutely losing their marbles over the headbutt.

Vine: Mirror Football; Video: h/t Deadspin

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