NFL Half Time Report: Checking Our Longshot Predictions For The Season So Far…

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You should know the drill by now. We start every NBA and NFL season with some off-the-wall predictions we think have an outside chance of coming true. Sometimes we nail them and look like geniuses and other times we look like absolute idiots. But don’t fret, we gladly accept praise and ridicule with equal dispositions.
This year was no different as we made a few preseason calls for the NFL season. As always we check in roughly halfway through the season to update you on how we’re holding up.
And make sure to check the last set of slides to see your predictions you made in the comments.
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1. There Won’t Be Any Surprise Teams This Year
You could say that teams like the Colts, Dolphins or Seahawks have been surprising but they haven’t taken the league by storm or anything and are most likely wildcard outs if they make the playoffs. The powerhouses that ruled last year are still on top this year. Barring a late-season run from an upstart, we’re dead on here.

2. Calvin Johnson Will Be A Legitimate MVP Candidate, Ndamukong Suh Remains Public Enemy #1
After a slow start that had people screaming the dreaded “Madden Curse,” Calvin has finally taken off in the last few weeks. Unfortunately for the Motor City, it’s too little too late as they are on the outside looking in for a playoff spot and sub-.500 records do not an MVP make.
3. Houston Picks Up Where They Left Off Before Matt Schaub’s Injury – Super Bowl Bound
Yep. Nailed it. The Texans are looking like the most balanced team in the league and take away one evisceration at the hands of Aaron Rodgers then the Texans are perfect. Right now they’re the most complete team in the AFC and look like they have a good shot at a Super Bowl.
4. Yet Another Disappointing Season For Larry Fitzgerald Is On The Horizon
Poor, poor Larry. His 2009 playoff run seems like ages ago as the quarterback crapfest in Arizona is only getting worse. Whether it’s Kevin Kolb or John Skelton, the quarterback situation is only getting worse. To Fitz’s credit, he’s still one of the best receivers in the league and continues to try to make lemonade out of the lemons thrown his way, but even he has to admit deep down in the back of his mind that he made a mistake re-signing to a team without a franchise quarterback. Maybe a Matt Barkley that’s sliding down the draft order will be the solution Larry needs.
5. Tom Brady Will Break Drew Brees’ Passing Record
What in the world is going on with the Patriots? After seemingly everyone was predicting a 16-0 season, they staggered out of the gates with losses to Arizona, Baltimore and Seattle. We saw vintage New England last week when they destroyed the Rams but that type of performance has been rare this season. Eight games in, Brady has a little more than 2400 yards, meaning he’d have to really get hot to touch Brees’ record. Right now, their concern is on righting the ship and returning to the Super Bowl.
6. Michael Vick Won’t Play More Than 10 Games
We still have a couple of weeks to go but things are looking dicey for Vick. While the original prediction was that he’d get hurt, an unforeseen possibility has emerged: what if Michael Vick gets benched? Turnovers, an inconsistent offense and a coach realigning deck chairs on the Titanic all mean that anything is possible. And Vick getting benched is definitely in the realm of possibilities.
7. This Is Rex Ryan’s Last Year As The Jets Head Coach
The Jets look horrible and this prediction is looking truer with each Sanchez pass. The Tebow experiment is failing as it’s becoming clear that ownership wanted him in New York way more than the coaches did. The Jets look like they’ll miss the playoffs again this year unless they pull it together during the second half. There’s just too much turmoil and Rex’s future resides in the next eight games.
8. This Replacement Refs Thing Is Going To Blow Up In Our Faces
We’re a little foggy on this one. How’d that turn out again?
9. The Jay Cutler/Brandon Marshall/Matt Forte Combo Will Be The Best QB/WR/RB Core In The NFL
After a few weeks of inconsistent play, these three showed the damage they could really do by putting up 52 against the Titans. Is there a more dynamic trio in the league right now? Forte is on pace for a 1,000 yards and Marshall is on pace for 110 catches and 1400 yards. The only wildcard is Cutler whose attitude and INTs is earning him as much criticism as ever. But besides all of that, the Bears may not need these three to be dominant as the defense is handling things just fine.
10. Injuries And All, Baltimore Remains A Top Five Defense
Okay, maybe we should have specified “injuries and all.” While the Ravens D still looked formidable early in the season, losing Ray Lewis has essentially crippled their once-vaunted defense. The Texans made them look pedestrian and even the Browns gave them a run for their money. We’ll say we were half-right here as nobody saw Ray going out all year, not to mention Ladarius Webb and a banged up Ngata.
11. Chad Johnson Will Catch At Least One Touchdown
Nope. Not gonna happen. Admittedly this was a reach. But hey, at least he and Evelyn are back on speaking terms so not all is lost. Right?
12. Tony Romo Will – Wait For It – Lead Dallas To At Least The NFC Championship Game

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