Open Thread: Thanksgiving Day NFL Games

11.28.13 4 years ago 31 Comments

Turkey Day is upon us once again, and that means good food, great drinks, and three games of football to keep the testosterone flowing at healthy levels. And being the overt addicts that we are here at TSS, we’ll be periodically dropping by in between mouthfuls of food to leave a comment or two on the action (as well talking a little bit of smack to J. Tinsley and his Cowboys). And of course, we’re inviting all of you fine folks to join on the fun and let the shit talk flow throughout the day.

Today’s Thanksgiving Day NFL schedule is as follows:

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions (12:30 PM EST)

Historically, Thanksgiving hasn’t been kind to the Lions when they face off against Green Bay. This year, however, this should be different as the Packers will basically be starting a team full of scrubs, just struggling to stay afloat until Aaron Rodgers returns from his collarbone injury.

Oakland Raiders at Dallas Cowboys, (4:30 PM EST)

Last year excluded, Tony Romo’s made winning a tradition on Turkey Day, and against the Raiders, it looks like that tradition will continue. Romo’s been playing well the last couple weeks and November is usually his good month. Oakland, on the other hand, well…same old story there.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens, (8:30 PM EST)

The marquee matchup of the day, both teams (and especially Pittsburgh) have turned their season around and this game will have drastic implications for the last Wild Card spot. Not to mention all the typical bad blood that goes with this AFC North rivalry. It’s going to be some throwback, hard-hitting, defensive football with more than a couple unnecessary roughness penalties.

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