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Masika Kalysha

Nick Van Exel’s Son Charged With Murder [The Source]

The Top Ten Top Ten Lists Of 2010 [Uproxx]

Chuck Liddell Has Called It Quits [With Leather]

Four Reasons Tupac Wouldn’t Want to See the Year 2011 [Black Voices]

TSA Claims Naked Scanners Are Safe [Techdirt]

The Best Fake Rumors of 2010 [Gawker]

The Making Of Alicia Keys & Eve’s “Speechless” [57th Ave.]

A History Of Teena Marie Samples In Hip-Hop [TheLoop21]

Lingerie Football League Is Doing Quite Well [Yardbarker]

A Visual History of Daft Punk’s Helmets [Hypebeast]

Rihanna Shows Off Bikini Body in Barbados [Moe Jackson]

Amazon Patents System To Stop Bad Gifts [Swissmiss]

Hotel Washes Every Coin They Get As Courtesy For Guests [The Consumerist]

How Katy Perry Avoided A Sophomore Slump [MTV]

What’s Going Wrong With The Spidey Musical This Week? [Gamma Squad]

Top 5 Hip Hop Beefs For 2010 [RTNY]

Man Allegedly Steals Game Boys From Teenager’s Casket [Gizmodo]

Hayden Panettiere Flashes Her Boob [CelebJihad]

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