Nick Young’s Basketball Camp Might Be The Coolest Camp Ever

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06.28.14 9 Comments

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When I was like 10 I had dreams I could be in the NBA, not later in life but as the 10-year-old I was at the moment. My Like Mike-esque dreams were full of delusions of grandeur, and I imagined I’d be doing stuff like this:

And even cooler more impossible stuff like this:

In reality, if you had thrown little prepubescent me in a live NBA game without magical shoes that may or may not have belonged to Michael Jordan at some point it would have looked a lot like this:

In my mind, this is exactly what a basketball camp ran by current NBA free agent Nick Young would look like. No drills, just Swaggy playing one-on-one with teenagers and elementary school kids for a few days, and tons of “if you’re open shoot it, if you’re not open still shoot it”-type encouragement. As for Young, who knows where he’s going, but a Laker fan from Dubai named Amhed Bin Sulaymen wants him to #Stay in LA really bad, and has let the entire city of Los Angeles know it.

I don’t really care where he goes, all I ask is this: Nick Young, please don’t ever stop being Swaggy P.

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