NBA Fast Break: Wizards Treat The Heat Like Swaggy P Tried To Treat Phoenix Suns’ Faces

01.16.14 4 years ago 23 Comments

Last night proved to be quite the eventful night around the Association as we saw clutch baskets, roundhouses and a beat down in the nation’s capitol. Let’s start there.

Every championship team hits a lull. If you recall, even the 72-10 Bulls lost to the Nuggets and Raptors. The Heat are no different as they’re going through the motions to the tune of a 114-97 drubbing. The score isn’t indicative of the slaughter as the Wizards built up a 36-point lead in the second quarter.

There were a couple of bright spots for Miami. Greg Oden looked like a colic contributor throughout the game, even dunking for the first time in five years. As important as this was for Miami, you have to feel happy for a guy like Oden to come back from such a troubled history of injuries.

The other high note? This.

Across the country, Swaggy P wasn’t having the bullsh*t. During his Lakers loss to the surprising Phoenix Suns, Mr. Iggy caught a hard foul and thought he was Sting against the NWO, swinging on anyone who came his way. Between this one-on-four fight and his Christmas Day heat checks against LeBron, Swaggy is the Left Coast YOLO Gawd.

By the by, where were all the Lakers to help out? So much for unity.

— In the best game nobody bothered to watch, the Magic and Bulls went to triple-OT. Victor Ohlehdoit dropped 35 points in the 128-125 loss. Not saying any names, but there’s one writer here who’s riding out for Anthony Bennett over Crown Vic. True story.

— The Spurs played the Jazz to a 109-105 win. I don’t think these two teams have ever had an exciting game. Ever.

— Lillard/Irving II didn’t live up to the early Game Of The Year candidate their first matchup provided, mostly due to the fact Lamarcus Aldridge was so dominant. I will say this,though, Damian Lillard’s 28 points definitely sent a message that maybe it should be his face on the next sh*tty EA Sports basketball game they drop.

— Ty Lawson, Nate Robinson, Randy Foye and Wilson Chandler all scored over 20 points as Denver topped the Warriors late Wednesday night (or Thursday morning for all of you East Coast-ers). It was a close game throughout, but some timely defense (including an awesome JJ Hickson steal/fastbreak and-one) led the Nuggets to victory.

— The New Orleans Pelicans let one get away against the Rockets. Eric Gordon had 35 but it wasn’t enough as James Harden had Austin Rivers looking like an extra in Roll Bounce on a sick move to close the game out.

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