Nick Young Got Them Supreme Foams Tho’

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
04.03.14 21 Comments

LeBron and KD can battle for the league’s designation for who’s this season’s most valuable player all they want. I’m declaring Nick Young the people’s champ*.

As far as campaigns go, Swaggy P’s had a hell of a run, making him the lone glimmer of light in the Lakers sad season. The guy’s been a one-man show with acts ranging from swapping verbal jabs in the media with Kobe and putting up a career-high 40 (and ONE assist, which even the Mamba has to admire) to banging Iggy Azalea fine self, after winning her affection with a first date at Target, no less. Nick Young does really swaggerific things that only Nick Young can do and we love him for it.

Today, he was one of those lucky few who got his hands on the Supreme Foams, yeah, the ones hypes in NYC were damn near rioting for. And according to Young, he will be wearing them on the court when the Lakers square off against the Mavericks. Gotta rock’em, don’t stock’em.

Nick Young, I respect your G.

* — Boogie Cousins comes in a very respectable second.

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