The Artwork For Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” Is So Sexy, You Probably Won’t Even Care About The Song

Life Writer
07.24.14 90 Comments

As a woman, I want to say, “Nicki Minaj is doing the absolute most with the artwork for her new single “Anaconda.” Having your booty butt cheeks swallowing up your pink g-string as promo for your song is a bit much.”

However, because this is a male-targeted website, I’m going to fall in line.

I am so thirsty for Nicki Minaj. I would totally make the sex with her. Oh yeah. Definitely. Give her the best three minutes of my life. Top 5 for sure. #datass #teamnopullout

For anyone who cares, “Anaconda” hits iTunes on July 28. Something tells me it won’t be a song about snakes and stuff like that.

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