Nicki Minaj & Hype Williams Go Full Retard For The “Stupid Hoe” Video

01.20.12 6 years ago 34 Comments

There’s a crucial epoch in a buzzing artist’s career where it is vital that they progress without straying too far from what got them their pedestal to begin with. If the people are digging your music, deviating from the proven formula may backfire and result in a mortal wound for one’s ascension to the top. Still setting the pace for the 2K woman rapper by at least a lap, Nicki Minaj is taking the bullheaded approach leading up to her Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded sophomore set, possibly making it too easy for that dreaded “jinx” to become a reality.

The ill-received “Stupid Hoe” has gotten the green light to be rolled out in spectacular Vevo glory, shot by none other than Hype Williams, of former creative video fame. Instead of pumping a little artistic value for the eyes where the ears failed us the first time around, we get to taste the rainbow à la moronic European Skittles commercials. There are no winners here. Even the ass shots are implied.

All this focus towards Lil Kim is an exercise in futility. Roman pulled the pin on the grenade but forgot to run out of harm’s way.

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