Nicki Minaj Continues Her Reign Of Primetime TV Terror At The 2012 NBA All-Star Game

02.27.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

In the grand scheme of things, the Oscars were the biggest stage of entertainment last night. Given her recent string of high profile performances, Nicki Minaj may have had some sort of input on the movie’s premier night had she not been the ushering act for the 2012 NBA All-Star Game. Music pundits will call it “winning” regardless and while the gigs may be the ideal opportunity for the making of the superstar, if an overwhelming amount of negativity continues to come from them, is it safe to say that the flame is dimming when it should be getting fanned?

This Roman Reloaded project has been under fire and chafing in the wake of the Grammy appearance that didn’t spark any anticipation for the song and a lukewarm pop attempt at radio, which prompted Peter Rosenberg to crown her with the dreaded “sellout” label.

Improvements weren’t necessarily carried over to her All-Star introductions of the squads, as she belted out flat notes, and erked and jerked through stilted dance routines backed by Chippendale’s rejects. A huge buzz doesn’t always warrant a full transition into a complete pop presence. No one would ever expect for Britney Spears to nestle up with Jay-Z and Kanye and knock out a “Monster” sixteen just like it’s not a walk in the park to be a three-trick pony with a million watt lights flashing in your face.

Take notice on how Ke$ha’s public spotlight has waned after the spectacle begin to bore. They’ll spit you back out to those same urban streets where you first started, Roman. If the people welcome you with open arms, well…that remains to be seen.


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