Nicki Minaj Feat. Ester Dean – “Super Bass” Video

05.10.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

If you’re not overly familiar with this cute and bubbly number from Princess Onika, then you should have copped the deluxe version of Pink Friday. It should be noted that there is an emphasis on “copped” for it was the highest-selling rap album for 2010. Not too shabby for a “Bricks” alum and LP whose lyrics unintentionally read like a SNL Digital Short.

With her buzz solidified in the stone, Nicki can take and give as she pleases. And with that, the men’s best interests have officially been thrown out the window and fed to the pink wolves. Roman sacrifices most of her booty shots for chiseled men chests, much to our chagrin.

Let’s rectify this situation with a R-rated follow up in the near future, ummkay Nicki?

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