Nicki Minaj Ft. Lil Wayne – “High School”

11.16.12 5 years ago 15 Comments

The picture above appears to be from sometime in 2008, based off the Carter III shirt in the background. Wayne was still in the midst of one of the most dominant runs in rap history, and his popularity was at its apex and most influential. The picture was used for a reason though. Nicki Minaj’s newest record, “High School,” resembles something the two would’ve recorded long before Wayne’s Rikers bid and Nicki rise to worldwide acclaim.

Found on Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (The Re-Up), the number boasts that throwback feel I made note of. Nicki’s rapping, and for real rapping. No voice inflections, no obvious ploys to the pop-drunken mainstream sector of America or any off-the-wall hijinks she’s been known to pull. Instead, she’s simply stringing bars together – albeit sexually – in the gist of what initially forced yours truly to at least keep an eye out for her many moons ago. Meanwhile, Wayne sounds invested as he brings forth a verse worthy of recognition with more than enough quotables to update whatever social media status tickles your fancy.

However ironic it may be, the simplicity of “High School” is its most endearing quality. And the crazy thing is, Nicki may have stumbled upon a hit for the winter without much effort. Only time will tell if Mariah Carey’s favorite bully continues employ this blueprint or it’s merely a flash in the pan.

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