Nicki Minaj Offended The World At The Grammys

02.13.12 6 years ago 61 Comments

I didn’t watch the Grammys and honestly don’t watch any awards shows period, which may be adverse to my esteemed position as someone who should keep track of all things popular. Sorry, but watching the wrong artists get nominated, recognized and winning irks me so to save myself the frustration I choose not to tune in to these shows. Still, none of that has spared me from seeing and hearing about Nicki Minaj’s red carpet attire, which I’m sure there are some pissed off Catholics somewhere calling for her head on a platter. Rumor would have it that she argued with her handlers, who advised against the whole thing to no avail.

From what I’ve read and seen, Nicki also debuted a new song, “Roman Holiday*,” which I’ve included below for you, not me. Nope, I pass on clicking play. Never been a fan, never found her all that interesting (ass aside) and wouldn’t be the least bit dismayed if she joined Lil B in the “once was hot, now not” category. Seeing various outlets calling the song and performance “disturbing,” “confusing,” and “messy…and not all the enjoyable” let’s me know I don’t even need to watch. I never tried crack either but I’m pretty sure it’s bad for you.

So the title was culled from what I’ve heard others saying, which is Nicki Minaj’s music officially sucks and people are pissed because she wore a terrible dress. I already knew her music sucked but now I’m glad to see everyone else standing behind me like the Verizon man.

*Debuting new songs live in front of big audiences rarely works. Doing it while using an alter ego sounds like a double-fail.

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