Does Nicki Minaj’s ‘Only’ Lyric Video Liken Young Money Entertainment To The Nazis?

Life Writer
11.08.14 75 Comments

I imagine it’s hard being an entertainer in this age of short-attention spans. In a matter of days, these artists can go from Beyonce levels of overexposure to having their careers appear on the side of milk cartons. Think not? Disagree? Where is Lady Gaga, then?

So that’s why when Nicki Minaj wants to release a five-minute animated lyric video for “Only” that appears to be rife with Nazi imagery, I gotta shrug. It screams for attention and I’m saving my faux outrage and armchair protesting for something not rooted in attention-whoring.

I could be reaching, though. I thought the “Anaconda” video was a ridiculous ploy for publicity, but according to her interview with GQ last month, it’s actually about women’s empowerment. And she was right! After I stopped dry humping the floor, awkwardly gyrating on my chair, and finished giving my “brother” blue balls, I felt so incredibly empowered. It was like I had pulled up Netflix and binge watched Scandal.

These folks, however, aren’t amused.

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