Nicki Minaj’s Back On Her Barbie Style With ‘The Night Is Still Young’ Video

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
05.22.15 6 Comments

Nicki Minaj’s video for “The Night Is Still Young” is a letdown. Or maybe my expectations were far too high, still floating in the clouds after watching the BFF-fest between her and Beyonce in the “Feelin’ Myself” video. For “The Night…,” she’s back on the colorful wigs, odd outfits and dance-friendly tunes that sound like Nicki Minaj renditions of Katy Perry songs. Why can’t every video include Beyonce wearing that gah-damn Bulls bikini?

No worries, because all is not lost. In a now deleted tweet, Onika may have tipped her hand regarding an upcoming collaboration with Jay Z because Tidal.

(Via Miss Info)

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