Nicki Minaj Wants You To Look At Her Boobs, So Here They Are

Life Writer
08.08.13 28 Comments

What’s a female rapper to do when she’s receiving bad press for being an egotistical c-word? Why, she releases the mounds!

After getting into it with fellow rapper Ransom over ghostwriting claims, Nicki Minaj celebrated #TittyThursdays a day early by uploading a shot of her chesticles on Instagram. The picture shows a topless Nicki with long, black tresses covering up the parts that would’ve taken the image from tasteful to “trashy.”

This is the second time Nicki has voluntarily shown us her censored pricey goods on the social media website. Back in June, the entertainer posted an image of her money makers, using her hands to hide the parts we’ve already seen.

Take a gander, folks! Don’t let ’em go to waste!

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